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Design Tools

What are some of your design tools?

We provide access to a private gallery of thousands of the highest quality, design focused inspiration photos. Members can save and organize photos easily and create design decks -- inspirational presentations that communicate the visual voice of the wedding to everyone from friends to professional wedding vendors. Our design deck tool is easy to use and results in professional looking boards every time. Photos can be changed and moved effortlessly, color palettes created with ease, and boards are always shareable. In addition to inspiration photos, we also have the largest photo library of stand-alone wedding products, rentals, and individual flower blooms. Visit the Flower Library to see what flowers are in season for your wedding date. Explore colors and create palettes in our Color Library. But wedding design doesn’t live on a board forever. Each photo you save expands to show you the exact rentals, flowers and products pictured. You can also see the professional wedding vendors who created the look. We help you match your vision to the best products, rentals, and wedding vendors in your location. Need more support? No problem - at any time you can reach out to our team of designers.

Can you really help me design a wedding from start to finish?

Yes! We spent 13 years refining the wedding design process for hundreds of clients. Over and over again they told us that our design mock-up days were the most fun they had during the planning process, and we want to bring that joy of creation to everyone. The Design League breaks the process down into manageable steps and provides the tools you need to create a custom design and then implement it.

Where do your wedding inspiration photos come from?

We have hand chosen, culled, and curated a private collection of over 5,000 photos (growing every day!) to provide inspiration, and for use in design boards. These photos are courtesy of the most talented wedding planners and photographers in the world. We are lucky to call them friends and supporters after over a decade of relationship building. And now you are too. In addition to photos from past weddings and photoshoots, The Design League content creation team will dream up and post the newest and most exciting photos and video on a regular basis. Members will have access to these tutorials, videos, and photos demonstrating the newest design trends.

What is a design deck?

A design deck is a tool designers across many creative industries use to convey the visual voice of a project. It is sometimes referred to as a design board, mood board, presentation, or slides. At its core it is a digital collage of photos that are arranged artfully and help express visually the inspiration for the wedding. Often the deck begins with an inspiration overview which can include photos that are more aspirational, obscure, or vibey. The sections and pages to follow get more granular and include photos of actual items, colors, design elements, and placements that bring the inspiration to life.

Can I include my own inspiration photos on my design deck?

Yes, you can upload your own photos to include in your design board. These photos will not be visible or usable by other members except as part of your design board. They will not be included in our photo gallery.

How does the Color Lab work?

We have created and named hundreds of colors for use in our custom color palettes. You can select one of our colors and see the other colors in its family (related by tone and hue) and also explore every color palette that includes that color. These palettes are designed by professional wedding designers on our team. Within the Color Lab you can save your favorite colors and palettes as well as select which one will appear on your dashboard.

What if I need more help – can I talk to a real designer at Design League?

Yes! We are working on various levels of support. In the meantime, email us anytime at