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Frequently Asked Questions

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For Photographers

Do you require exclusivity?

No we do not.

What kind of galleries are you interested in?

We are interested in design focused work that features beautiful and interesting details.

How are photos credited?

Every photo will credit the photographer and the planner (if applicable), as well as the vendors featured in that particular photo. Credits will be listed alongside the photo, and will link to your own vendor profile page with more information about your business and work. Design decks will include a photography credits page at the end of the deck anytime it is exported or shared.

How do I see my photos on Design League?

Every photographer whose work appears on Design League receives a complimentary membership. You find your work by searching your name in the photo gallery.

Can my photos be copied or downloaded from Design League?

We do not offer a download or copy option for individual photos. All photos are right click protected. Attempting to copy a photo from our platform is prohibited by our Terms of Service. Design Decks containing photos are able to be downloaded by members for purposes of the wedding design process.

How are my photos used?

Photos are used for inspiration and design. Photos can be browsed and searched in the main gallery, favorited, and displayed on dashboards and design decks.