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What products can I buy from Design League?

It is our goal to help you bring your event designs to life in a fun and easy way. We are building our shop to include everything you need, from fashion to decor to party products. All of our products are hand picked by our designers.

Does Design League make money from the rentals and products I choose?

Yes, at least sometimes we make money from products or rentals you find on our platform. However, you can rest assured that every recommendation we make is an authentic one. We only enter into partnerships that we feel are a good fit for the Design League community. Our ultimate goal is to help you find the exact items (or best alternatives) in your favorite inspiration photos.

Do you have rental recommendations for all geographic areas?

We currently feature rentals available in California and many that are available nationwide. We are working to expand to other local markets. If you are in a location that doesn’t appear on our platform yet please contact us and we will source anything you need.