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Professional Members

I am a wedding planner and designer. Can I join Design League?

Absolutely! We built The Design League as a solution to the problems we faced designing weddings professionally for over 13 years. Imagine a searchable gallery of curated images by the best photographers, and an easy to use design board tool for creating extensive designs. We are working on a special Professional Memberships which include more robust design tools. We can create design board templates for you that match your existing boards and you can add your own branding to all boards. Stay tuned for this update.

If I have a Professional Membership do my clients need their own individual memberships?

Yes, every individual must be a member of Design League in order to use the platform. Many planners build this cost into their contracts with clients. Please contact us for information on discounted bulk memberships for clients of planners and designers.

How is Design League better than my current design tools?

Design League brings your design process to a single platform. The best inspiration and creative content lives here, and it isn’t drowned out by the “noise” of poor quality or irrelevant photos. Your clients can easily share their inspiration photos with you – no more texted screenshots or lost google folders of photos. And our design deck tool is the only one on the market that was developed from the ground up with wedding design in mind, by professionals who created design decks for clients for over a decade. Our database of rental items makes finding (and presenting) the perfect chair for your client’s wedding fast and easy. We are constantly adding new tools and content, so let us know anything you need to make your design process even more amazing or efficient.